cøzybøy – cøme undøne

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Artist: cøzybøy

Title: cøme undøne

Year: 2018

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  • 1. i swear this søng is abøut eating øut my best friend's pussy (3:08)
  • 2. she was my virginity cømplex (3:33)
  • 3. i used tø knøw høw tø løve
  • 4. sømetimes it's just nice tø høld sømeøne (1:52)
  • 5. i put her pussy øn a pedestal and that shit fucked me up (2:26)
  • 6. you used tø be my little angel (3:19)
  • 7. løving yøu is hard because yøu've ønly fucked with fuckbøys (2:45)
  • 8. we made løve øn the first date (2:24)
  • 9. the best sex we've ever had was øver facetime (2:40)

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