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Check out our review of Vampire Weekend's awesome new album here! We're all pretty obsessed with it and would highly recommend! ( Vampire Weekend – Only God Was Above Us )

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Hello! I’m Elle, the creator of AlbumBlitz. This website was born from my personal hobby of jotting down notes about interesting albums I’d encountered or wanted to explore. It began as a collection of spreadsheets, grew into a passion project, and now it’s a platform to help others discover fantastic music that they may not stumble upon otherwise.

AlbumBlitz is non-commercial, built purely on a love for music and a desire to share it. If you have the same interest and would like to contribute, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Working together, we can continue to uncover and share new music with the world. Let’s enjoy this journey through the expansive universe of albums, one record at a time.

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