Zach Bryan – The Great American Bar Scene

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Artist: Zach Bryan

Title: The Great American Bar Scene

Year: 2024

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  • 1. Lucky Enough (Poem) (2:42)
  • 2. Mechanical Bull (3:28)
  • 3. The Great American Bar Scene (3:36)
  • 4. 28 (3:53)
  • 5. American Nights (3:38)
  • 6. Oak Island (3:59)
  • 7. Purple Gas (3:00)
  • 8. Boons (3:05)
  • 9. The Way Back (3:05)
  • 10. Memphis; The Blues (feat. John Moreland) (3:09)
  • 11. Like Ida (3:35)
  • 12. Bass Boat (3:36)
  • 13. Better Days (feat. John Mayer) (3:32)
  • 14. Towers (2:50)
  • 15. Sandpaper (feat. Bruce Springsteen) (3:36)
  • 16. Northern Thunder (3:30)
  • 17. Funny Man (3:16)
  • 18. Pink Skies (feat. Watchhouse) (3:49)
  • 19. Bathwater (1:40)


Zach Bryan’s fifth studio album, "The Great American Bar Scene," released on July 4, 2024, is a striking cocktail of country, pop, and rock that truly showcases his prowess in songwriting. With raw emotion and a knack for vivid storytelling, Bryan takes listeners on a journey through dive bars filled with tales of love, loss, and camaraderie that hit close to home. The title track, "The Great American Bar Scene," sets the stage beautifully, capturing the essence of barroom simplicity and interconnected humanity.

The real beauty of this album lies in its seamless genre-blending. Whether you’re swaying to the country-infused "Oak Island" or tapping your foot to the blues-rock vibes of "Purple Gas," it all fits together like pieces of a well-worn puzzle. And let’s not forget those heavy-hitting guest appearances—John Moreland, John Mayer, and Bruce Springsteen add their unique flair, enriching the aural tapestry Bryan has woven. Tracks like "Pink Skies" and "The Way Back" deliver heartstrings-tugging ballads that feel both intimately personal and broadly relatable. "The Great American Bar Scene" stands tall as a testament to Bryan's talent, offering a cohesive and engaging listening experience. - Rex