World / Inferno Friendship Society – All Borders Are Porous to Cats

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Artist: World / Inferno Friendship Society

Title: All Borders Are Porous to Cats

Year: 2020

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  • 1. Bad Penny Blue (2:27)
  • 2. Citizen of Jazz (3:23)
  • 3. Having a Double Life Is so Hard (But Obviously Something You Enjoy) (2:49)
  • 4. The Cat in the Hat Has the Right to Sing the Blues (2:21)
  • 5. Three Parts Wtf (3:08)
  • 6. I'll Be Your Alibi (3:03)
  • 7. Looks Like Blood but It's Probably Wine (3:04)
  • 8. In the Briar Patch Born and Raised (0:56)
  • 9. All I Can Do to Help You with Your Nightmares Is Keep You up Late (2:51)
  • 10. The Roosters Are Coming Home to Crow (2:45)
  • 11. Freedom Is a Wilderness Made for You and Me (2:37)

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