Rorcal – Muladona

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Artist: Rorcal

Title: Muladona

Year: 2019

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  • 1. This is How I Came to Associate Drowning with Tenderness (5:42)
  • 2. She Drained You of Your Innocence and You Poisoned Her with It (6:52)
  • 3. I'd Done My Duty to My Mother and Father. and More Than That I'd Found Love (5:04)
  • 4. A Sea of False Smiles Hiding Murder Jealousy and Revenge (3:47)
  • 5. Carnations Were Not the Smell of Death. They Were the Smell of Desire (4:26)
  • 6. The Only Constant in This World is Blackness of the Human Heart (4:30)
  • 7. I Was the Muladona's Seventh Tale (7:30)

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