Rick Cua – No Mystery

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Artist: Rick Cua

Title: No Mystery

Year: 1985

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  • 1. He Lives In Me (3:54)
  • 2. One Way Out (4:37)
  • 3. Changed (3:54)
  • 4. Just Visiting (4:11)
  • 5. The Power (3:09)
  • 6. High School Reunion (3:22)
  • 7. Create In Me A Heart (4:17)
  • 8. A.S.S.E.F. (2:52)
  • 9. Bright Light (3:15)
  • 10. Help Me Out (4:16)


Rick Cua's "No Mystery" made its mark in the Christian Rock scene with its vibrant and engaging sound that burst onto the scene in 1985, thanks to Sparrow Records. The album's capacity to blend compelling musicality with rich spiritual themes demonstrates Cua's prowess in song crafting. "No Mystery" resonates with an album-oriented rock style, which was a palpable presence on FM airwaves during the '80s. Cua has managed to weave his own signature into the album while infusing influences that pay homage to some of the era's big rock names, resulting in an experience that feels both familiar and fresh. With production qualities that shine, each track puts Cua's vocal skills and instrumental expertise on full display.

The lyrical universe of "No Mystery" invites listeners into contemplation with its clear and forthright messages on faith, redemption, and spiritual journeying. The album's title alone speaks to the transparent way in which Cua shares his convictions, creating an environment ripe for reflection. "No Mystery" distinguishes itself with its sonic consistency, delivering a seamless and captivating auditory journey, which is indicative of Cua's maturation as an artist and his deeper understanding of his chosen genre. The album is often lauded for its skilful construction and its enriching lyrical content, making it a significant work within its field. In essence, "No Mystery" is a testament to Rick Cua's ability to create music that connects on a deeper level while delivering a robust rock experience. - Spencer