Charli xcx – BRAT

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Artist: Charli xcx

Title: BRAT

Year: 2024

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  • 1. 360 (2:13)
  • 2. Club classics (2:33)
  • 3. Sympathy is a knife (2:31)
  • 4. I might say something stupid (1:49)
  • 5. Talk talk (2:41)
  • 6. Von dutch (2:44)
  • 7. Everything is romantic (3:23)
  • 8. Rewind (2:48)
  • 9. So I (3:31)
  • 10. Girl, so confusing (2:54)
  • 11. Apple (2:31)
  • 12. B2b (2:58)
  • 13. Mean girls (3:09)
  • 14. I think about it all the time (2:15)
  • 15. 365 (3:23)


Charli XCX's sixth studio album "BRAT" is a fierce plunge into her creative depths, teeming with raw energy and bold experimentation. Released on June 7, 2024, the album masterfully balances aggressive, harsh sonics with tender, vulnerable moments, painting a vivid picture of both confrontation and introspection. From the hypnotic "Von Dutch" to the electrifying "360," Charli crafts pulsating dance-pop anthems that pull you into her relentless rhythm, reminiscent of the late '90s and early 2000s French dance music.

Promotional efforts like the heady Boiler Room set, **PARTY GIRL**, teased the album’s audacious sound with remixed snippets. "BRAT" resonates deeply as Charli explores themes of competition and deep-seated relationships with women, laying her emotions bare. Critics have lauded it as her most complex and impactful work to date, a nuanced blend of rave music and hyperpop that establishes Charli XCX as a perpetual innovator in the pop realm, constantly pushing boundaries and redefining genre expectations. - Lexi