Chamberlain – Trust Me, You Don’t Want the Rest: Extras from Red Weather

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Artist: Chamberlain

Title: Trust Me, You Don't Want the Rest: Extras from Red Weather

Year: 2023

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  • 1. Love Rescue Me (4:29)
  • 2. Waiting on One Day (Scratch Vocal Version) (2:32)
  • 3. Swann Street (Acoustic) (4:25)
  • 4. From Infinity to the County Fair (D.I.M. Version) (4:46)
  • 5. Red Weather (Acoustic Demo) (4:16)
  • 6. Reign of the Two Kings (Acoustic Demo) (3:50)
  • 7. When the Lights Go Low (Acoustic Demo) (4:13)
  • 8. Some Other Sky (Acoustic Demo) (4:20)
  • 9. One Soul at a Time (Acoustic Demo) (4:38)
  • 10. Not Your War (Voice Memo) (3:39)

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